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Previous Eureka Buyers:

If you have an active Eureka video subscription, you can access your previously purchased online video series by tapping the button below.


As a previous purchaser, you have been granted exclusive access at no additional cost to participate in the comment sections of each video program that you purchased. Ask me questions, send videos of your practice routine and Eureka Golf Swing, and I'll hop in there and participate so we can all improve together.

Please follow the instructions below to access your previously purchased items.

See below for an image of what you'll see when clicking the button above. The email address that you enter will have to match what you used when you purchased. After you follow these steps, you can sign in by selecting "email" and entering the new password (that you created during sign up)  to access your purchases. You'll just tap “My Account” at the top right of my website. 

Eureka Sign Up.png

Once signed in, scroll down to your library within your account to access the Eureka video series that you previously purchased.

To login in the future, tap “My Account” on my website and enter your email & password.

Hop in & comment away! Ask me anything, and I look forward to helping you improve your game even further.


Steve Johnston

PGA Advanced Professional, GSEB

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