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Steve Johnston


Steve is an advanced member of the Professional Golfers Association, a golf stroke engineer bachelor and a member of the Bunkered magazine tuition panel.

Steve is most recognised for his work on his YouTube channel "Steve Johnston PGA" and for his discovery of the benefits to golfers adopting a left aim Eureka Golf Swing.

Steve believes every golfers has their own level of ability so highlighting and enhancing the players DNA of their golf swing is the quickest way to improve and enjoy the sport. 

"There are basic fundamentals to adhere to however there is no right or wrong in the golf swing, just what works for the individual"..... Steve Johnston PGA


Sam Anderson

Drone Guy

Sam is the director of "Dice Imaging" and digital facilitator. Sam has the creative background and knowledge to enhance any presentation and a keen eye on all things that involve technology and innovation.

Sam was a triathlete and is now a keen golfer with a belief that if you smile before each shot, a positive outcome is produced.

With an attitude like that the filming of the Eureka series was a relaxed affair as Sam brings a level of professionalism that is not only laid back but efficient and accurate at the same time.

To book Sam for his digital services email him at


Eureka Canes

Invaluable Members of the Team

Without these guys Eureka would have been impossible to create. The canes are an inspirational part of the team. They form a bond that holds the whole project together and are always precise in every aspect of their role.

Without these guys on the team, there would be no Eureka!

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