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Eureka Golf Swing

The action of pure ball striking.

Includes a 7 day free trial!

“Eureka changed my golf game totally! Much more consistency in my game now. Thanks Steve!”

Liam McClean

“Just purchased the tutorial vids. Access for 6 months costs less than half an hour of lessons with your local pro. Not instead of, but as an extra... Let’s get started!”

Harry Korver

“It all makes sense — I started using this move and hitting better than ever! Very well explained Steve!”

lan Duncan


The Eureka Membership

When you become a member, you’ll unlock access to the complete Eureka Full Swing Bundle, plus any future content added to this tier (and there is more coming!).  This includes:

  • Driver Swing Series (5 videos)

  • Iron Swing Series (9 videos)

  • Ball Position & Shot Shaping Series (3 videos)

  • Putting Stroke Series (1 video)

Plus, you'll get unlimited access to my broadcast video messages, where I'll be sharing tips and tricks to help level up your golf game. There, you can jump in the comments, share videos of your swing, engage with me and other members of the community, and get direct and personalised feedback to help you progress.


Not ready to commit to a monthly membership?
Get any series you’d like, à la carte.

Tap the Eureka Online Series image below:

Full Swing Bundle.png
Driver Swing Series.png
Iron Swing Series.png
Ball Position.png
Putting Stroke.png

Coaching with Steve

Interact with me and receive pro level guidance on any specific aspect of your golf game. Dive deep into the Eureka Golf Swing and perfect it together from the creator himself, like never before.


Work with me in-person at Peebles Golf Club, or in a weekly private chat session to get answers to your questions, expert advice, and personal calls to action to create true consistency on the course. You’ll be able to send video, audio, or text in your online chat from anywhere and work together to help you achieve your goals.


Let’s get to work the Eureka way!

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