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Package Plans

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  • Eureka Iron Swing

    Full step-by-step tutorial
    Valid for 12 months
    • 7 Part Eureka Iron Swing Tutorial Video Series
    • **Step-by-Step Guide**
    • **Set-up Position to Finish Position Fully Explained**
    • FREE Bonus Faults & Fixes Hooks/Slices
    • FREE Bonus Faults & Fixes Ball Position/Hold on the Club
    • FREE Eureka Range of Motion "secret video"
  • Eureka Driver Swing

    Step-by-step Eureka Driver Swing
    Valid for 12 months
    • Eureka Driver Swing Video
    • Talk through Eureka Driver Swing Motion Video
    • Set-up to Finish Position Fully Explained
    • Additional Ball Position Video Included
    • Additional Eureka Driver Practice Video
    • FREE Steve's Eureka Driver Swing Recap Video
  • Ball Pos+Shot Shape

    Eureka ball position and shot shaping (draw, straight, fade)
    Valid for 12 months
    • Understand Eureka Ball Position and Shot Shaping
    • Learn Eureka Ball position for Irons
    • Learn Eureka Ball position for Hybrids
    • Recap on how to hit a Eureka Draw Flight
    • Learn how to hit a Eureka Straight Flight
    • Learn how to hit a Eureka Fade flight
  • Your Swing Analysis

    Have "YOUR" Golf Swing Analysed by Steve
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Have your Golf Swing Analysed by Steve Johnston PGA
    • Send a Video of "Your" Swing for Analysis
    • Steve will Analyse, Detail and Voice-Over
    • Send your "Eureka Swing" or "Standard Swing"
    • One off Analysis session NOT a Subscription
  • Full Swing Bundle

    Bundle Including All Swing Plans
    • Eureka Iron Swing Plan
    • Eureka Driver Swing Plan
    • Ball Position & Shot Shaping Plan